Legal Anime Streaming

Hello everyone Julian here.

I really like anime also some mangas and gaming too. I’m here to listen to your needs and recommendations and create digital products in order to help you solve your needs and making you anime life more easy and happy.

I’ve been watching anime since I was a child, but only when I was at high school (15 years old) was when I realized that the old cool cartoons I used to watch when I was younger were anime, and I decide to rewatch some of them. From those days on, I’ve been watching anime without interruption. I’m currently 22 years old now.
That is kind of the big picture of my anime background.

Okay fine let’s get this started.


Too lazy to read then go to YouTube: Legal Anime Streamings

When an anime get licensed ?
Given an anime that you like means good news because it can be legally distributed via different means.

It means that a company has acquired its copy and distribution rights to an anime series, and can distribute DVD, merchandise.

Whenever a series is licensed, that means its copy and distribution rights have been acquired by certain companies

What happens when they aren’t licensed ?

Let’s get this straight also saying that fan subs are illegal and breaking copyright law regardless if a show is licensed or not. Unless the copyright holders expressly give permission for fan sub groups to subtitle their work and release it, then these groups are breaking the law.

How Do you know when an anime is licensed?

When an anime is licensed it means you’ll be able to buy a DVD or watch it via online streaming (Netflix Crunchyroll etc)

Is the anime show I want to watch available in my country ?
Well as we see first thing in order an anime is available for online streaming
Is that it must be licensed. You can find in the description which shows are licensed.

You should be using something like Because Moe. It is a search engine of anime that will tell you when an anime is licensed and in which streaming you can find it.

Given is limited only to US, UK,CA and AU I invite to you the ones who are watching online legal anime where do you find it in your country, because as you can see in the online streaming is different from one country to another.


 Many of us may know of others ways of getting anime but my work here is to encourage in the legal ones, because that is our way of retribution from all the good anime gave us.

 Learn more about anime licensing here:

Find your anime with ease:

Too lazy to read then go to YouTube: Legal Anime Streamings


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