2 shows with overpowered main characters review + Big List

Hello everyone, this is 2 shows with overpowered main characters review.

#1 Blue Exorcist

Ao No Exorcist is set in a battle of exorcists versus demons. It is a typical shonen with a good main character as the backbone.

The backdrop of the story is that Rin and brother Yukio are the sons of Satan and a human mother. Rin inherited the demonic powers. They are taken in by the current Paladin, Shiro, who raises them as sons. Soon, they are thrust in an ongoing battle of the Exorcists versus Demons.

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2 shows with overpowered main characters

The show has a fairly good mix of comedy and action. Some of the more comedic episodes are actually the stronger ones, as they tend to focus more on a characters personality rather than the kinda middling story.

There’s a surprising degree of creativity in the supernatural elements of the series, and a few of the weird and wonderful concepts really steal the show. There are also a few imaginative settings that make a nice contrast to the rather humdrum everyday scenery, and when everything comes together the overall effect can be colourful and slightly outrageous (in a good way).

#2 Parasyte

– it’s the perfect formula for binge watching-

The art and animation is quite solid, and the sound stands out really well.

Although this anime is an adaptation from a manga in the 90s, I enjoyed that the art is drawn in a way that’s up-to-date with the anime that’s out now but yet still has that air from the art during the 90s as well.

The animation is fluid but not that fluid in some regards as I hoped. For example, when we see the one-to-one combat between parastyes; the lightning speed combat with using lengthened limbs and blades are not that fluid. The OST is a stand out, one of the better ones out there against the others during the time this aired. I presume everyone’s favourite is probably “next to you.” If you haven’t heard it, youtube it, download it, listen, and enjoy.

Overall Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

Was a great anime to watch. If you’re looking for something that’s out of your comfort zone or just looking for something new to watch, I would recommend this. I promise you that after the first episode, the cliffhangers will reel you in and possibly cause you to watch episode after episode until your done. If you made it this far reading my review.. thanks ! Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any comments about my review or want to discuss anything anime.

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