Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1st episode reaction.

Hi everyone! Here we have my reaction to the first episode of the show:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

If I have to synthesize this first chapter of Boruto in one word I would say refreshing.

Since Naruto has lots of filler chapters, I was bouncing in and out as a follower, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are good show , but so discouraging full of filler arcs.

With Boruto I felt I can start all over again and forget the past, in the first scene we find an older Boruto fighting to death with Kawaki.

We have Kawaki and Boruto in the hokage’s rock.

Kawaki says: that he will send Boruto to the same place of the seventh’s hokage, his tattoo turns red, he adds saying: shinobi age is over. After that Boruto puts his band in his head and replies: that he was still a shinobi and they start to fight again.

The story goes back several years from this point, and the chapter follows it’s normal way.

During the episode it was cool seeing Naruto; as Hokage and Hinata; who is such a loving and caring mother.

Really nice seeing people from Naruto’s Generation grow up.  (specially Konohamaru)

Boruto has good Shadow Clone control. But not so developed discipline for others skills.


Too lazy to read go YouTube:

 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1st Episode Review – SPOILERS-


I like the wild and free spirit  that Boruto has, so alike as his father.

Surprising and sad was to see how Boruto looks down on his father. Sad yet interesting touch.

Lot of questions raised this episode with the snake thing that bit Denki and Boruto’s eye plus the whole future thing. Is it explained in it’s movie ? As I said i’m  not such a big fan of Naruto’s series but I want watch the movie of Boruto now. Such a great came back for me in the ninja world with this new series.

In this first chapter we meet Denki a Boruto’s academy mate. Both of them live some wild adventures in this chapter and in the end Boruto helps Denki became a more brave person. That lead us to a remarkable scene near to the end of the episode.

Naruto’s entrance to ninja’s academy in the most loudly way possible. He just arrives late to school smashing a train against hokage’s rock face. How amazing.

This was pretty good start to the series. lets hope it continue this way, see you in the next post, bye!


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