How to deal with post anime depression syndrome?

Example #1:

good thingCan it be of some good at all? 

Example #2:

good thing 2

Those 2 above are some comments on /r/anime from reddit, for the topic post anime depression  of many others like:

-doesn’t prevent me from feeling empty and dead inside for few days after whatever I were reading/watching ended.

-I been watching this anime for so long and finishing the story just felt wrong.

-The idea of not being able to see the characters interact anymore feels bad.


Is there a way to making your favorite characters exist in their awesome world again?

Is there a way to move forward with this feeling?


There is, follow me with 4 tips for dealing with pda (post anime depression)

Too lazy for continuing reading?

Find this same article in YouTube with more fun explanation: How to deal with post-anime-depression syndrome? 4 Tips.

#1 Rewatching

Re-watch scenes and videos just to see them take life again. See the characters interact again with a more mature you, allow yourself to discover more details in everything now that your mind is confident is watching something good and already now the main path, enjoy all the alternative ways.

#2 Check an anime as complete

If have have a MAL account or whatever or service like kitsu you can check an anime as “Completed”. It’s kind of a way to turn the page. And start to move on. Seeing it as a counting of how much good anime you’ve watched and what anime will surprise you in the future.

#3 Binge-Watching

Are you one of those with the binge-watching habit, it can greatly diminishes the impact of the story you are currently watching.

Can you watch anime in a more rewarding way?

Taking in less information at once — and then sleeping on it — allows you to process the content and appreciate the story better.

For example : You can think about what happened in the last episode, and separate the events. It gives them more impact.

It’s way more interesting to take steps with the characters.

That doesn’t mean you have to watch Your Lie In April over a full year.

But one episode a day really helps the pacing.  It’s very rewarding.

#4 Enjoy this feeling to a certain extent.

It makes you realise just how much you enjoyed the anime in question and gladly take that depressing feeling because it means you can watch more anime that you’ll love that much.

Ao Haru Ride in the cover of the post.


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  1. Post-anime depression is real, but for me there is also satisfaction that I was able to watch it conclude. I just rewatch my favourite anime and blog about them and discuss them with fellow fans. And then watch another anime and repeat the process.

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